God has made all creatures for His glory. God made men and women in his own image to express on behalf of all creation  the praise of God. When we, who know we are God’s creatures, worship God corporately, we fulfill one of the purposes for which we were created.
When do we worship?
Sunday mornings @ 10:30 a.m
1st Sunday of each month  - Traditional worship in the chapel ~ Communion observed
2nd Sunday of each month - Traditional worship in our chapel
Remaining Sundays - Contemporary worship downstairs in the Community Life Center
Why do we sing?
Singing helps us to emotionally tap into the narrative God is writing in the world. Singing connects us to the ancient story from the generations past and anticipates what God is going to do in the future.
Why do we pray?
We pray to provide intercession for those in need and experience intimacy with our heavenly Father.
Why do we study?
We study the Bible because God has revealed Himself. It is the book God uses to equip us for every good work.
Why do we serve?
We serve because God has a calling on our lives to do something significant.